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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Days 1-14 Concentric Squares and Chess Tactics for Students Bain

Day 1 Feb 19, Concentric Squares Rook, Knight and Bishop + 30 simple problem +
(beginning of second lap)
Day 2 Feb 20 Concentric Squares Rook,Knight and Bishop + 60 simple problem +
Day 3 Feb 21 Concentric Squares R k b done + 87 simple problems
Day 4 Feb 22 concentric squares K+B done + 65 simple problem
Day 4a feb 23 Concentric squares skipped + 20 simple problems
Day 5 Feb24 Concentric Squares R.N.B done + 50 simple problems
Day 6 Feb 25 Concentric Squares R,n,b done + 130 simple problems finished bain book for 2nd time.
Day 7 Feb26 Saturday Concentric Squares completed + did problems 1-78 of Bain. 78 total
DAy 8: some problems
Day 8a:fEB 28Concentric Squares Completed +problems
dAY 9: March 1 Concentric Squares complete
day 10:March 2 Concentric Squares complete
day 11:March 3 Concentric Squares complete + 40 problems
Day 12:March 4 Concentric Squares partial + problems 175-224 --49 problems
Day 13:March 5 CSquares + problems 224-335- 110 problems
Day 14:March 6:Csquares + problems 335-434 bain 99 problems plus 1-46lien 46 prob
Day 15:march 7 Knights sight X2,Beginning of lap 4 1-167 Bain, 46-63 Lein
Day 16:march 8 knight sight 168-268 Bain, Lein
Day 17 march 9 Knight sight 268-298 Bain, lein
Day 18 March 10 knight sight 298-326 Bain, lein
Day 19 March 11 knight sight 326-434 end of round 4,began round 5 1-31 also polgar 1-31
day 20 March 12 Knight sight 31-250 bain
day 21 March 13 knight sight
Day 22 March 14 Knight flight


  • At 2:47 AM, Blogger transformation said…

    comment back in time, so as not to destract from your current content.

    i wrote you a long reply now, viz GM-Ram classics, and hope you can read it.

    great question! very provacative!

    warmly, dk
    ps please e mai l me:
    dk_experiment @
    y hoo dot the usual suffix for cc
    of 1504 game dBase.

    i sent it to:
    chess relearner, Yasser Seirawan, tempo, blueD, chessPawn, blunderprone, underpromotedK, Wahrheit and they ALL love it!

    pls use subject of identifiable character, so i know that you are not spam for viagra :)

  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger transformation said…

    i am not a chess games member. any chance that you, or one of your friends, could send me the 95 of 100 games from s_ltis greatest g_mes? this saves me having to do it one by one.

    fyi, i have 88 to 92% of the games, but since this is first and formost a book game collection, i want the 90 i already have adjacent to the others, to show overlap.

    absent that, i will on my day off, put the web page adjacent to my database, and fill the few blanks.

    i made a gigantic list of classics in 2003 and used those 100 games.

    want a copy? i am adding gm ram now. thank you! i am following the book order rather than the date sort order. i assume Ziyatdinov has his reasons, all M.E. professor that he is!


    a t * y who dot theusual busine ss suffi x.

    thx, dk

  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger transformation said…

    there are many errors and inaccuracies in the databases that you have referenced.

    please dont ask which, but so many, that i must compare to the book.

    i am fixing them in my file... dk


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