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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Couple of Fun things

I am taking a few days off from problems. I had trouble concentrating on them. I ahve been looking at my chess books and playing through some of the games.

I really like the tactics in the Euwe vs Reti Game.

I did my first Legal's mate in a game last week. I finally got in a position where I could do it. This has been one of my goals is to play it in a game. Another goal of mine is to play a classic smothered mate where I sac my queen and then have a smothered mate. I have to believe that I have been in the position to do this in games but didn't see it.

Link below to legal's mate:


Another fun thing is I played as white a classic King Hunt. Marching blacks king across the board sacrificing a few pawns, a rook, and two bishops in the process.
I couldn't finish him off but came extremely close. all in all alot of fun.

Here is a collection of King hunts


I return to Ct-art 3 renewed



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