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Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Longer Update

Ah the weekend, time to catch my breath and post a longer blog.

First a word as to what I am doing in the MDLM program . I am working mini circles initially starting at Level 10 and did all the Level 10 problems until successfully solved them at a 90% level. I then moved onto the Level 20 problems where I am now.

I am applying the brute force approach as I move through the CT-ART Program. I take a quick look at the problem without analyzing it very deeply. I then take a stab at solving the problem. I study the answer and will replay the answer. My belief is that I will benefit by repetitively seeing the answer even without solving it correctly the first few times I see it. I am prepared to continually go through the problems as many time as necessary till I get them right. My emphasis initially is on building pattern recognition.

I am finding spare blocks of time where I can solve some problems. Immediately after solving this block I post my results to my blog. Although this is not exciting reading I feel like I have accomplished something everytime I post.

Back to CT-ART.


  • At 6:10 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    Ah! Another Disciple of Spaced Repetitions and Chunking! I see my blogging evangelization efforts have not been in vain! [grin]

    And setting the 90% success goal?


    Clearly you are a candidate for The Self-Flogging Approach to Chess Excellence!


    Keep at it. It does work. . .


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