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Saturday, June 04, 2005

thoughts on Pattern Recognition

One thing I find interesting in doing chess tactical problems is the degree that things are solved conciously and unconciously. In solving a problem for the first time, I run an internal monalogue. The king and queen are on the same diagonal seperated by some spaces and a pawn. How can I take advantages of this situation.
pin, skewer, can I move a protecting king by a slap check (that's what I call a sacrifice check, a piece next to the king forcing a capture by the King).

I think there is a benefit to collecting, classifying, thinking about and naming a tactic. I once browsed through a book called Chess Master at Any Age by Rolf Wetzel (sp?). he collected positions wrote them on flash cards with a name. I recall there was a position that he named the Red Baron. Now I don't remember what this position was because it had no personal significance to me. I guarantee that the author who
named it, reviewed it, and has a personal attachement to would quickly recognize it in a game.

It was a great help to me to learn the term removal of a guard. Often seeing a piece guarding I ask if I remove it can I capture material. Now I was aware of the tactic earlier but I see it and am able to take advantage more because I have thought about


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