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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reflections from the Takchess Infinite L20 Circle Tour

One of the things I like about Chess is that there is a body of knowledge that people talk about, classify and try to develop a further common understanding of. If you were to mention the King Gambit Accepted-Algaier Gambit to me I would have a very clear understand of what you mean. It is a somewhat questionable sacrifice of whites Knight on the F7 square forced by blacks pawn push h6 threatening whites Knight on G5 which is an older offshoot line of the Kieseritsky gambit. Although one can be a very good chess player without bother to learn any of the opening their variants names, it is something I find useful and enjoyable to learn about.

Just as openings are classified, tactics,positions and mating combinations are given are given names: Removal of the Guard, Anastasia Mate, Greek Gift, Arabian Mate,blind pigs etc. The book: How to Beat your Dad in Chess has 50 chapters that are classified around Mating Combination ideas some with common names : Smothered Mate and some with names they assigned to them the Taimanov Knight Check. Having read this book a number of times I find myself comparing positions with the themes in this book, using their names and looking for side variations.

Over the past 2 years I estimate I have done some of the problems in CT-Art Level 20 40 plus times and many (but not all ) are automatic. They often remind me of something else and I have taken to privately giving names to some of them and their tactical ideas. Not something I planned to do, it just happened.
Examples are the Pulling the King into the tunnel, The Coat Rack Mate, Power of Stacked Knights, the Behind the Back Rook Check Sack, Pushing the King into the Phalanx. If you ever doubted, that extensive circle training can lead to insanity, here is your proof. 8) The diagram from problem 207 that accompanies this blog is the Coat Rack Mate. For some strange reason, the shape reminds me of an old fashioned wooden coat rack tree.


  • At 9:03 AM, Blogger likesforests said…

    I like how you focus on complete mastery of the basic problems. One problem many of the knights and friends of the knights have faced is loss of knowledge after a short hiatus from the game. After going through the positions 40 times and even having a name for them, that should be less of a problem! Also, the simpler the pattern, the more likely it is to come up in one of your games. But I'm still far from 1800 USCF, so what do I know. :)

  • At 11:26 AM, Blogger takchess said…

    LF, after reading your comment, I made an adjustment to my post. I meant to say I named some of the problems.(not to imply I named all of them) The reason I have done so many of the L20 is I did a large amount of circles and did not revisit them in depth for a year. I did other problems but not ct-arts. I found although I remembered a number of them, the time away from ct-art I felt that I had to do the circles again on them. I hope to get to be on level 30 soon.

  • At 10:56 PM, Blogger transformation said…

    i am most sternly reminded that i really now need to come by more often, as the quality of your work is most marvelous. thank you.

    have you been by in the last day or so, or the last three weeks? two big posts: III & IV, following I & II below that. need not read all my stuff but, those are worth the visit.

    im not a mcBlog, but for those seeking protein over carbs, i might satisfy some.

    see you again soon, thx, david k seattle


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