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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brain Dump from Part one of Mednis King and Pawn Ending tape

Many Experts feel that K&P endgames are the most difficult of all.

You can follow the right path most of the time by following these rules

1) Activate your King ( King leads passed pawns)
2) Try to get the Opposition
3) Use King Triangulation to obtain Zugswang Position
4) Outside Passed Pawns are usually decisive
5) in misserable looking positions, look to draw

If you have only one pawn the Rook Pawn is the worst one to have.

On a clear board, all consistant King Routes between two points are of equal length

In order to maximize your effectiveness, look for King Routes that can't be interfered with by your opponent

Opposition (def) Kings are seperated by an odd number of squares either 1,3,5 with no pawns in the way

Opposition can be Vertical, Horizontal or Diagonal

On an open board, the value of having the opposition is your King can move forward

If your King can get in front in your pawn this tends to be a win
If your King can't get in front of your pawn it is a draw
If the King is on the side,whether it can get in front normally determines win

If you have to lose a pawn to a King Capture, Pick the spot where the king will have trouble promoting a pawn

King on the 6th Rank in front of a pawn always wins(file b thru g)
King on the 3,4,5th Rank in front of his pawn will win only with the opposition
(with an extra pawn, a pawn move can always achieve opposition)

Note to self :Postion 11 is the most important position

When Capturing a pawn see that the King is advantageously placed.

(observation) There are often surprising sacks of a pawn on the H-file to draw, Causing the opponents g pawn to become an h pawn which can't promote

There are only 3 ways for the Weakside (black) to draw in K&P endgame,
1) an unwinable rook pawn endgame
2) Position 6 see picture white on move for draw
3) Position 11 see picture either side moves for draw
(will add the board view to this post)

Always try to simplify to a known winning position.
Mednis had an example where he sacked pawns to get his king in front of pawn on 6th rank


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