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Monday, February 28, 2005

Day 8A:: Happy Medium

I've decided to start designating the day in my posts. Why the A in Day 8A? Well I have decided if I don't do the complete drills I will designate the next day with a letter. Hopefully I will not have to use any letter past C.

Friday Night I went to Chess Club and played 3 hours worth of games. Heisman talks about the attitude one needs to improve in chess. Bothered enough by playing poorly that one makes an effort to improve but not so bothered by it that one is frustrated and quits. I am at that point. A Happy Medium.

I have been interested in Legal's Mate but until recently hadn't memorized the entire sequence. I was one move away from it. Black had king and queens pawn in a Philidor style position with his bishop pinning my Knight to my Queen. I did come up with a mnemonic to memorize it .....Spanish Phil pinning the queen got him in Legal problems). I know it not quite the Spanish game because it pins a
Knight to the queen but it works to help me memorize it. Unfortunately Black played
4...P-QB4 ruining the posibility of me getting the final Knight move and checkmate. I'll have to run it through Fritz.

Also played a nice Torre Attack against a higher rated player with a knight sacrifice which caused a Nice King Hunt his moving all the way to H5. I then lost a piece in a tactical oversight and then eventually lost the game. Sigh.

I am hoping that if I played the same position in a year I will be able to successfully close it out given my new study of tactics. Optimistically, I think this will be true.

I have decided at least initially I will study very simple tactics for a number of months before moving on to more difficult ones. I am doing the 7 circles from a set of 400 problems from the Bain book. I'll then move to the one star problems in my Lien book and the simple Polgar mates.

Thanks for the nice comments as well as the Euwe pronounciation. I have played through all the games in Chess Master vs Chess Amateur and then reread it taking notes. A very helpful book for me. You have to like a guy whose a chess champion and
an amateur champion boxer.



  • At 8:59 AM, Blogger Margriet said…

    There where a lot's of times I wanted to stop with chess, after losing too much games.
    Untill I won again a game.........
    So it goes up and down, I like the game too much to quit, I can't help it.

  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Temposchlucker said…

    Playing poorly is for me always the best method to boost my efforts.


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