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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Game at chess club (see earlier post)

I am somewhat challenged in posting my board positions from Fritz or Chesspad to my blog. I can't seem to export them in an image format. Here is my somewhat hazy recollection of the game. Black Queens and Rook were on the queenside but exact location uncertain I think the Blacks moves that I don't remember might be rook/queen moves and may of positioned them into the squares listed below.

Pawns on A2, f2, g2,h3,f5
bishop on d2
knight on e4
rooks on b1 and e1
KIng on g7

Pawns on b6,c7,f7,g7,h6
bishop on e7
Knight of f6
rooks on b5 and ?
King on g8

White NXN on F6
Black bXn on F6
White Q -g3
Black (don't remember)
White bXh6
Black(don't remember)
White bXg7
black Bx g7
White p-f6
Black resigned since qXg7 was mate

As for tempos question, black,who is a nice fellow ,may of been surprised but ended the game the same way we always end it with a handshake and a good game. He did comment that I have been improving. I was very pleased with the game and somewhat stunned.


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