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Monday, December 24, 2007

Chapter 1 : Attack the Uncastled King ( F7 Square Portion) updated

Square f7 is Black's weakest square on the board before castling is f7 (f2 for White). This can occur in the begining stages of the game before the castling as with castling the rook protects this square. The most straightforward attacks on f7 are to be seen at the beginning of certain open games, especially in the Petroff Defence and the Philidor Defense.

I am beginning by playing through these Keres games. Both which are Sicilians and contain interesting ideas.



Update. I notice that this chapter does not have alot of global statements about the attack on the e file and the f7 file . I think that VV wants to let the games "do the talking". If you look at the first link Keres has an interesting sacrifice that reduces the mobility of the opponents queen while the second is a ubergambit. Keres gives up 4 pawns before winning the game.

Also of note is this game Asgeirsson-Raud which is nicely annotated in this video by J'adoube.


Chessgames just added the Raud game to it's collection



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