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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Notes on Chapter 3 On Castling and attacking the Castled Position in General

This chapter starts off about the historical story of castling which I am leaving out here.

The Dynamic and Positional Considerations of Castling

Castling can be viewed in two ways as part of a series of moves or part of a static position.

Castling increased the dynamic potential of the position opening up new possibilities. increased the influence of the rooks, freeing the e file for a possible attack on the file, and prepared the ground for quick communication between the rooks.

Castling is also a postional move in it that provides an air of permancy to the position.The king tends to stay on the side which it is castled on. Until the endgame, it is a permanent feature. Before castling, the king has three choices staying in the center, castling kingside, castling queenside. Once it castled, their are disadvantages that follow the advantages. As now the opponent takes into the account this more permanent address of the king.

Artificial Castling = Castling by Hand. Eventhough a player has lost the right to castle,it is often still possible to put himself in a castled position at a cost of a few tempi.

The Correct Moment to Castle

(to be continued)

In my game study,I am currently studying the Art of Attack Chigorin-Caro Game

Also here is an attacking game that was the chess game. com game of the day A spectacular finish.


  • At 2:39 PM, Blogger drunknknite said…

    The Chigorin-Caro game is out of control. I like old games because they illustrate such basic themes.

    As far as Zvaginsev, I like him a lot. I was not aware that 3.f3 was being played in the Caro-Kann but it's interesting. His attack is pretty strong. I actually play an opening for Black that he invented.

  • At 11:21 AM, Blogger transformation said…

    yes, i saw many of these games. my chessbase now has 28 of the games from the Moscow open.

    do you go to chessVibes much? they for example have nice summary articles where they cull out the very best games, with ample illustration of positions with many diagrams.

    art of attack. the root of real chess study is what it sounds like you are at the footsteps of!

  • At 12:49 PM, Blogger takchess said…

    DK (drnknite)
    I think this Zvaginsev game is special and worthy of my spending a bit of time on trying to understand the logic behind the moves. f3 was played by Bronstein at times and I play it as well when I play the Ck.

    DK (transformation)
    I'll have to check out chessvibes. You are on the cutting edge.


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