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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Attack on the Castled King -continued

I played the game as continued here which lead to a loss. With Black to Move, he simply took by Bishop. The open file was not open compensation for the loss of my bishop. I continued with a rather toothless attack.

Fritz as well as DrnknNite saw this Bayonet attack.

DrnknNite comments from earlier:

I don't think you need to sacrifice the bishop on h6, just take on f6 and then play g4, he must retreat his bishop otherwise you will open the g-file with g5 (this theme of forking a piece and a pawn to force a pawn exchange is very important), so Be7 is the only logical move, after that you can still play g5, he must play h5 or the g-file will open up and then you play g6, and he has the option of allowing you to open the g-file or if he plays something like f6 you sac the knight on e5 and after qh5 you are mating. So the conclusion after this simple line of thought is that the g-file will be opened by force after Black plays h6. Most times that an opponent pushes a pawn in front of his king this type of bayonet attack will work.

A great explanation that gets to the heart of the matter.

did 44 problems of ct-art l20 . I am somewhat rusty.


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