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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Getting outside the comfort zone

I've decided to experiment a little a play some different openings. Normally as white, I play the Italian game or the Ruy Lopez. Many players bust this in the first move by playing the Scandinavian or the Sicilian.

Since starting the Alburts book on the chess openings as black, I've started to play some unrated games as black with the Sicilian Defense. He suggests the accelerated dragon but I'm starting playing a very basic Sicilian and will change it around as I
learn more. So far I don't mind it.

In times I hope to play some black and white openings that involve fianchettos as I am uncertain as to what is best play in these lines. Then in time I will start playing the Torre attack again to sharpen up on some Queen Pawn games.

for anyone interested in the torre attack I created a number of game collections at


Now back to ct-art.....


  • At 5:56 AM, Blogger Siliconpawn said…

    At my level of play either myself or my opponent are "out of book" by about the fourth or fifth move. I wish that I could find ways to take advantage of this. I have got to check out the Alburt book because I play Sicilian also but have not tried the dragon.


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