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A Novice chessplayer works to get better at chess using an improvement program based upon the methods of Michael de la Maza and the teachings of Dan Heisman

Sunday, December 11, 2005


My games are somewhat inconsistant.Great games followed by stinkers. Most losses seem to be from me overreaching tactically. I do like to challenge myself creating attacks and seeing if I can finish them off. Perhaps there is a little Anderssen in me that wants to win beautifully.

I have decided to fire up CT-ART again and do all levels: problems 1-1200 once without stopping.

First Session:

level 1 - problems 1-27 92%

Session 2
level 1 - problems 28-50 92%

Session 3 * the craziness returns
Level 1- problems 51-75 96%

Session 4
L1- 75-100 85%


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