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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I agree !

There is not a single true chess player to the world whose heart does not beat faster at the sounds of the words "gambit play. Our delight is for the Kings Gambit. Why so much delight? No other opening offers such wide possibilities for creative initative; in no other opeing are so many difficult problems created in the very first moves; no other opening allow the players to confront each other straight away in open fighting and to unfold the battle over the whole of the board. In many branches of the King's Gambit both players feel the desire to try and win not by collecting material but by using the strength of their own imagination.

It is no secret that any talented player must be in his soul an artist and what could be dearer to his heart and soul than the victory of the subtle forces of reason over crude material strength! My love for the King's Gambit can be seen in precisely those terms.

David Bronstein

(But it's a damn hard opening to play as white or against as black 8))


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