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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Two Knights Defense & Traxler Counterattack

The Two Knights Defence
by Alexander Beliavsky, Adrian Mikhalchischin

I spent some time with this book last night. It is only 112 pages long but it is excellent. Half the book is 18 2 knight games with commentary and the other half is a "theoretical survey" and MCO walk through some of the lines. There is not alot of fluff and I can get by without the extras having played the 2 knights for a while.
I enjoy playing The two knights as black; It can get tactical with a lot of counterattacking options by black.

Beliavksky has played two of the more recent high level Traxler Games. I need to spend some time studying these which show a spirited defense against 5 Bf7+.

a training game draw against Karpov

a win as black against Anand

I created this game collection from the book on chessgames.com


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