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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Open Games

I have am playing in the Herb Healy Tournament in Boston on New Years Day a total of 4 games. I hope to play well enough to raise my ratings to a point consistant with my self-image. 8)

I am curious how many open games I will see. I am playing 1 e4 and plan to play 1...e5. My guess is I will be lucky to see two of the four.

I am reading 200 Open Games by Bronstein

In his first Section that speaks to the Characteristic aims for all positions of an open type list 13 points from Whites perspective and from Black perspective .Most of them are straight forward.However points 12 and 13, quoted below, I found very interesting

12: White: By means of any subterfuge or material concessions to try and gain time to bring the dormant Q-side pieces into the attack on the obvious targets (kB7 & K3)

12:Black: not to yield to the fatal temptation to take one white pawn or piece too many. To stop at one piece is an extremely good rule. Don't get greedier and best would be to give up your spoild at the right moment and get the initiative back

13:White: not to be distracted by material gains, where these allow either Black's queen, QR, QB or QN to noticeably increase its radius of activity and be included in the attack on the vunderable points in your camp.

13: Black: to observe carefully the number of active Q-side pieces white has in comparison to black. Take every measure to ensure that the numerical difference in Whites Favour never exceeds one. Return your gains in time , and if this is not adequate, make sacrifices yourself without self-pity or tears

see here for my 200 open games collection link


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