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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Two Knights Defense

Blue Devil Knight , Eric has been talking about the Two Knights Defense and his plans to study it . I've been studying some of the lines of it: the Traxler in response to 4 Ng5. Where as Eric and J'adoube talk about not enjoying playing against the Fried Liver, I enjoy it. There is one line I dislike which is the Max Lange Attack which I believe is also reached through the Scotch known as the Scotch Gambit.

I plan to study the Two Knights against a variety of white responses and blog on the results. Hopefully you will pick something up and/or add some thoughts/ideas/corrections. Perhaps Eric will do the same during the next couple of weeks.

It is very sharp and fun to play and due to the prevalence of the Giuoco Piano at my level I get a chance to play it alot.

Tuesday : 20 + Bain book
Wednesday 0 tactics
Thursday a handful of ct-art
Friday -162 30 + ct-art


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