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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who needs another opening book ?

Fellow Chessbookaholics , I ask you Who needs another chessbook on openings ?

I can't justify it at this point but heavily recommended by my virtual playchess buddy Scottcat, Watson's new book on Chess Openings is a good one. (if you see him on playchess invite him to a game)


I saw it at Borders and I liked it. This volume has open and semiopen games. There is a large section that talks about Structure. This is followed by discussions of each opening with annotated games and diagrams . There appears to be alot of ideas behind the openings discussed. I have asked my local library to purchase it for their collection.

Monday 35 minutes treadmill
Tuesday 40 + tactics -312 CTFB
Tuesday Lunch 1-64 CTart
Wed 30+ tactics CTFB -345
Wed 30+ CTART
Thus Morng 15 + -362 CTFB


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