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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pattern Recognition for the Boden Mate

I am looking for clues to recognize the various mating patterns such as when I see two pieces in a line I always check for pins/skewers tactics. Boden Mate does not occur all that often however I am sure I have overlooked the opportunity to play it.

The classic Boden Mate occurs in Queenside castled postion (rook and queen have not moved from the castled position) when you control the open darksquare diagonals in front of the bishop.

There also is a pawn on c6 (which is normally sacked by a queen) and a bishop that can be delivered to a6 square for mate.

I want to automatically think of Boden Mate opportunities when my opponent castles Queenside.

This is the game shown in the picture and involves a double rook sacrifice.

Here is a game collection of Boden's Mate games

Tuesday 300-330 of Ctart L20 circle 1
almost finished 7th circle of htbdc
Wed 330-end of level 20 circle one
110-158 L20 circle two


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