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Sunday, March 18, 2007

When will this end ?

I have been posting for a long time and you have probably wondered when the heck is Takchess going to complete the circles and put his name on the graduate list ? My definition of graduation for myself is doing the 7 circles on the entire CT-art and ending on my last circle with an above 97%. From what I see of fellow Knights who have done this Celtic Knight, J'adoube, PMD,Sancho, and The Man De la Maza, I believe I will be an 1800-1900 player on Playchess at that point.

So what exactly have I been doing since my first post in February 2005?
I have done
* entire 7 circles on simpler material such as Bains Chess Tactics for Students (recommended)
*level 10-20 of Ct-Art ( I think I did 14 circles on Level 20 arrgh).
*completed the entire CT-Art straight through once (exhausting)
*Flashcards drills from simple problems of Blokhs earlier book
*done extensive study of the Kings Gambit, Traxler CounterAttack, and to the lesser extent Two Knights and the Marshall Attack
*played far too many 20+6 games on playchess.com
*bought far too many chessbooks
*actually read some of them
*studied and improved a little on basic endgames
*experimented with antiSicilian and currently enjoy playing one based on 3 Nc3
*learn to play a passable defense to Queen pawn games
*studied some classic games

Much like a marathoner, I am currently building my base before running the marathon . 7 circles of Ct-Art is more of an Ultra-marathon to me ! I am doing circles on Chess Tactics for Beginners on the computer (uncertain if I will do 7 circle on this) and in some non computer time doing circles of the Flashcards and the book "How to Beat Your Dad at Chess" (recommended).

Yesterday, I did a complete circle on my Flashcards as well as 1/2 the How to beat your dad at chess book.
Sunday did circle 2 of Flashcards again now on 1171 ctfb
Monday finished circle 2 in htbdc
Tuesday did 1-29 of circle 3 of htbdc ( I really like this book)


  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight said…


    You are turning into Tempo. :)

    It was useful to see your plan and what you've accomplished: that's quite a bit!

  • At 8:06 PM, Blogger BlunderProne said…

    That's circles for the ADD!

    Keep at it. I did concentric circles. Each level 7 times before moving to the next. that how i got through CT-art. I am doing it again... because I need to.


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