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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another Reason why I love the Traxler

I appears the Traxler is the only line I have a true fighting chance against players rated 100-300 points higher than me. This player is 1690. Note on playchess I took a significant drop in ratings went from a extremely brief stint at 1600+ down to under 1400 now slowly crawling back to 1520. If only I can get more players playing the agressive N-g5 line as white.

paste game into this viewer

1. e4 {8} e5 {3} 2. Nf3 {6} Nc6 {5} 3. Bc4 {14} Nf6 {6} 4. Ng5 {18} Bc5 {6} 5.
Nxf7 {34} Bxf2+ {12} 6. Kxf2 {48} Nxe4+ {21} 7. Ke2 {40} Nd4+ {29} 8. Ke3 {44}
Qh4 {71} 9. g3 {82} Nf5+ {42} 10. Kd3 {101} Nf2+ {14} 11. Ke2 {57} Qxc4+ {150}
12. Kxf2 {16} Qd4+ {15} 13. Kg2 {40} b6 {208} 14. Qf3 {56} Rb8 {32} 15. Qxf5 {
38} Bb7+ {6} 16. Kh3 {5} O-O {19} 17. Qxe5 {73} Qf2 {94} 18. Re1 {116} Qg2+ {21
} 19. Kg4 {30} Bf3+ {25} 20. Kg5 {34} Rxf7 {26} 21. d4 {74} Qxc2 {50} 22. Bf4 {
49} Qg6+ {6} 23. Kh4 {18} Qg4# {(Lag: Av=0.31s, max=0.5s) 15} 0-1


  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight said…

    Wow, that is one badass defense! I'm glad I saw it, as my opening pushes the knight to g5 hoping for a fried-liver type attack (which Heisman, incidentally, thinks is not all that bad for black).

    How do you defend against the traxler? Just avoid Knight to f7? I guess so, as Wikipedia says:
    4. Ng5 Bc5!
    5. Bxf7+ Ke7
    6. Bd5 (bringing bishop back to safety).


  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger takchess said…

    I love the Fried Liver as well. There are a number of ways to negate the Fried Liver such as not taking with the pawn on d5 with the knight but moving the Knight to the edge poised to take the bishop.

    Heisman created a Chessbase disk on the Traxler which I haven't seen. If you have some time look at the chess.fm site for Pete T. on the 2 knights this will only be there for a short time.
    The traxler for black is not a sure win but if you've studied it and play carefully and your opponent hasn't you should kick a... .It is very tricky for both sides with incalcuble results.
    Take a look at some of my recent postings as I discuss this opening in length and give links.also: It is snowing here in NH today about a half a foot.

  • At 9:37 AM, Blogger takchess said…


    this is a sample game to a fried liver defense

  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight said…

    I am now using Schiller's lines, for the most part, from his 'First Chess Openings.' It is very good for me (he says it would probably work for people <1400 or so). He doesn't mention the Traxler, even though he is a big proponent of the Fried Liver attack. He does suggest the correct continuation, though if black's bisho is at c5 (i.e., he recommends against Nxf7 in that case).

    Man, I am glad I didn't run into that in a real game. It would have really thrown me.


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