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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spanish Torture

As black, I like to play e5 against e4 the open game. Since I am not interested in playing the petroff at this point, I am running into a significant numbers of Guico
Piano openings which I will play the two knights against as well as the Ruy Lopez.In the two knights I can hold my own. The Ruy Lopez is a struggle for me to play against.

I started out playing the classic game but ended up losing to everyone who was higher rated than me. It was not much of a battle for them. I have been researching in my Read and Play book on the Ruy Lopez other lines to try.

If white does not exchange the Bishop for the Knight, I like to play the Marshall Attack. Here is the original Marshall Attack This gives me an fair chance at counterattack.

Tactical Training Update

L10 First 25 done without hardly any calculation pure recognition 100%
21 review
L10 25-50 98% 40 CR, 45WR
L10 50-75 96% 53cr 66wr,70WR
L10 75-110 94% 86,101 review
onward to Level 20


  • At 7:17 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight said…

    I have found Davies' book Play 1. e4 e5! extremely useful with the Ruy. It has, I think, four chapters on it. I now end up with a very playable middlegame (that I usually blow) as black against the Ruy.

    He suggests the Keres variation of the closed Ruy as black. His chapter on the exchange variation isn't as great, but that coupled with Crafty was helpful for me.

    I typically now have little trouble in the opening, but in fact play way above my rating in the opening, but still manage to get destroyed by people better than me in the middle game.


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