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A Novice chessplayer works to get better at chess using an improvement program based upon the methods of Michael de la Maza and the teachings of Dan Heisman

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

tournament preperation

Preparing for the New Hampshire opening in late June. I am going to play in the under 1400 which is the lowest category. Looking forward to some strongly played games.

Day 3

Day 2

ctart 110-134 74% ugh
played a couple of games online where I recorded moves
did ctw pages 18-25
light board vision drills
treadmill 40 minutes
Plan to play as white
King Gambit
Halloween Gambit(unsure if I have time to prepare)

as black
e5 to e4
unsure if Smith Morra or Standard Sicilian Defence to c5

Day 1
ct-art 1-110 92%level 10
played 2 games on internet while recording moves
did tactical problems in chess Tactic Workbook al wollum (pages 1-18)
Treadmill 30 mins


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