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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chess for Zebras

Upon my request, my local library bought Chess for Zebras :Thinking differently about Black and White by Jonathan Rowson. I have been thumbing through it and reading portions of it that interest me. There is alot of chess philosphy here and original thought along with concrete analysis of positions to support his points. I am finding it to be a heavy book but interesting. I am just scratching the surface and will

Each chapter revolves around a different premise mostly around the chess improvement. He refers to a study that the higher rated a chess player when asked to analyse a position was less emphatic that his analysis was right than lower rated players. That GM's had a higher level of appreciation of the complexity of chess and a inquiring mind to explore the ambiguity of a position.

He also had a premise that most knights would agree with is that improvement comes mainly from activity not studying. Actively working with chess positions, solving problems, playing against Fritz from a won position, looking at a position for 20 + minutes to come up with a plan. Improvement comes from ones ability to know what to do when faced with a position one most likely had never seen before. So the emphasis is the ability to solve problems.


  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger Edwin 'dutchdefence' Meyer said…

    I'll probably get my hands on a copy myself. It has been in the back of my mind eversince it was introduced. If i ever get a copy, i'll try to devote some posts to it.


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