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Sunday, December 31, 2006

If I have to play a Sicilian

I have been thinking about options for the New Years Day tourney.

I plan on playing the King Gambit as white if allowed.

I would be happy to face a scandiavian or an Alekine as white.

If I play against a Sicilian, I plan to play the Smith Mora Gambit. I have been torn between the SM and the Grand Prix. The reality is it would be very hard for me to beat a very good Sicilian Player regardless. I played this practice game today using the SM and after playing a very shaky middlegame ended up with this interesting queen trap.

paste game into this viewer.
[Event "Rated game, 60m + 15s"]
[White "Takchess"]

1. e4 {4} c5 {3} 2. d4 {15} cxd4 {18} 3. c3 {45} dxc3 {36} 4. Nxc3 {14} e6 {5}
5. Bc4 {4} a6 {13} 6. Nf3 {22} Qc7 {34} 7. Qe2 {13} d6 {6} 8. O-O {8} Nd7 {9}
9. Rd1 {62} Ngf6 {17} 10. Bg5 {34} Be7 {10} 11. Rac1 {7} O-O {54} 12. e5 {130}
dxe5 {191} 13. Ne4 {79} Qd8 {53} 14. Nd6 {81} Nd5 {36} 15. Nxe5 {61} Nxe5 {308}
16. Bxe7 {128} Qxe7 {424} 17. Qxe5 {8} f6 {64} 18. Qg3 {186} Kh8 {77} 19. Rxd5
{20} exd5 {51} 20. Bxd5 {10} Bd7 {185} 21. h3 {55} Bc6 {27} 22. Nf5 {11} Qd7 {
37} 23. Be6


  • At 10:12 PM, Blogger Ron said…

    Hey takchess,

    Next time I get a chance to play a game with you online, I'd be happy to play the Scandinavian against you...it's all I play against 1.e4.


  • At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    As much as I wanted to play in the Herb Healy today, I could only convince my wife in allowing me a brief cameo. Not knowing what you actually looked like, nor not having a clue to what your name was and therefore I didn't recognize a fellow knight. A tragedy, I am sure. I would have given a reassuring "HUZZAH!" in your quest.

    I attempted a process of elimination but there were too many unknowns and the TD didn't put the "STATE" on the standings sheet. I ran into DG of the BCC...not sure he put 2+2 together and recognized "blunderprone" looking over his game on board 3 in the unrated section.

    In any case, if you were wondering, Blunderprone ...aka George Duval... was lurking on the premises around during the second round quietly sending out a reassuring "Huzzah".

  • At 6:37 AM, Blogger DG said…

    BP - You should have introduced yourself (after the game, of course). I would have pointed Takchess out to you. In any case, I'm sure a picture of him playing at the event will grace the pages of BCC Weblog shortly. - DG

  • At 7:59 AM, Blogger takchess said…

    Blunderprone, I appreciate the Huzzah in spirit. In the second round I was playing Robert Oresick as white playing a Smith Morra that never quite recieved compensation for the gambited pawn. I looked at the tourney table for you but of course did not see your name. I will write about the tourney in an upcoming session. All in all a good time.

  • At 7:50 AM, Blogger Pale Morning Dun - Errant Knight de la Maza said…

    My wife gave me a new book for Christmas on the Smith Morra, entitled "The Modern Morra Gambit: A Dynamic Weapon Against the Sicilian" by Hannes Langrock. I'm through chapter 1 and I'm enjoying it......for an opening theory book.

    Another resource for the Smith Morra is Bookup's E-books they have a good one on the Smith Morra which I use to train.

    Anyway, not sure you are looking to get that into the Smith Morra, but those two resources are great start.



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