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Thursday, March 08, 2007

All we are saying ....

Hi Everyone,

Doing continual tactical training attracts people with strong constitutions with strong beliefs and strong opinions strongly stated. Otherwise we would do a few tactical problems ,post once and let our blog die (as many have done).

There has been a tendency for Knights to talk to about things other than tactical training and the circles: openings, endgames, computer analysis, grandmasters, thought process which is all interesting. It is great fun to think about, discuss, argue and at times trash talk about these things.

I suggest to bloggers and those who leave comments. Lets not take ourselves too seriously. Lets try to be slow to give offense or take offense and not read too much into other peoples comments.

All I am saying is give Tactical Circle training a chance.
Update: now at circle 1 1220 ctfb
at 26 dcm at how to beat your dad at chess
game 4 in revisit to Logical chess move by move


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