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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Charge !

He who says he understands chess, understands nothing. Huebner

He who says he understands chess tactics understands nothing. Takchess
More on this NUT's theory 8)

With the all the new Knights, I am starting to feel like a World War One Veteran. Around a long time. I am going to play in a tournament on Saturday April 21st in Bow NH. So my plan of preparation? I am going to do some tactics exercises , followed by more tactical exercises and for good measure do some more tactical exercises.

I just finished my eighth circle of How to beat your Dad at chess and did the exercises for the first time in the back of the book. I was mildly dissatisfied with my results. I like working with this book in that it drills on 50 checkmates in depth. My hope is to be so familiar with these mates that I can toggle between various threats as my opponents defense changes.

Last January I entered a New Year Day tournament a little rusty tactically and had poor results consistent with that: missed a mate, played poorly in an opening etc. Funny I don't feel like a 960 rated player. Anyway time to right this ship.
Tuesday 1-200 ct-art
Thur - 1-20 9th circle htbydc
Friday finished 3rd circle on l20


  • At 10:19 PM, Blogger Cratercat said…

    Hey Tak - my recent post is on a similar topic to yours, but more about weathering the whole event itself. Pale Morning Dun's advice made some particularly good points I hadn't considered before. Check it out.

    Also, sounds like your still getting a lot out of 'How to Beat your Dad at Chess' book; I've got an amazon gift card I've been patiently waiting to spend. Think I'm going to get that and Alburt's CCC vol.2 -CC

  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Cratercat said…

    Can't put my finger on it as to why, but I'd say it's likely interpretation 2 (grins).


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