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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Studying Structure : Black to move Ct-Art 172

On this circle of Level 20, I have been trying to concentrate on viewing the postion and studying the structure. My goal is to be able to pick up clues in playing simalar positions in my games.

Here the bishop on F1 is awkwardly placed and the King is cramped. The combination of the missing f2 pawn & no room for the king to move makes the g1 b7 diagonal vunderable. But note the pawn on h3 would still not give an escape square to the King due to the knight.

Blacks pieces are agressively placed and the Q-f2 would be mate if not for the whites queen protecting the square. This queen also guards the e5 square where a queen would deliver mate it the diagonal was open and it could not be recaptured or blocked.

The move ..... Re2! does two things :

1)Interferes with the white queens protection of f2 threatening mate>so any capture by pieces other than the queen would be immediately followed by ...Qf2#

2)Removes the queens protection of the e5 square since Qxe2 is forced.

There is an overworked piece portion of this problem since the queen is forced to protect two squares the rook e2 moves distracts her from her double duty.

Sat - L20-111-200 circle 4


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