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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Historical perspective

A Historical perspective on the Attack on the Castled King Chpter 3

V. singles out a few players who advanced the attack on the Castled King after Morphy:
Chigorin, Pillsbury and Dr. Tarrash and to the highest degree Alekhine .

Vukovic thought Chigorin illustrated the power of piece sacrifice in such positions. Tarrasch believed that the power of rapid development and control of the center were necessary to attack the castled king . Pillsbury created a kind of synthesis of Attacking play with the endgame and position play of Steinitz and Lasker.

Alekhine attacking play with his maximizing the attacking threat with the appropriate level of commitment is one of the major theme of the book.

I will skip over Mating Patterns chapter on my blog and go directly into Focal-Points. There is a lot to this chapter.


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