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Monday, March 03, 2008

Chptr 3 cont- on Castling and attacking the Castled Position in General

Chapter 3 notes continued--

The Correct Moment to Castle

Many Simuls Massacres feature the opponents not castling but the beginners advice to castle early has many exceptions.

Here are some reasons to forgo or delay castling.

1) Castling is postponed or not done at all because some other action is more useful such as : capture of a piece, spoiling of opponents position, or launching an attack.

2) Castling is postponed for the time being because it is dangerous

3) Castling is postponed even though one can castle on the kingside but would prefer the queenside. Examples are if you want to castle queenside so you can attack a kingside position or at times you wait until the opponent castles so you can castle on the same side for stability.

4) Castling may be postpone or forgone when the center is permanently blocked. Often at this point the king is safer in the center.

5) Castling is not necessary because the endgame is not far off in which case you want the king in the center. Often when Queens are swapped.

It is still a good thing when one is justified in not being castled to have a quick exit by castling if necessary (just in case)


  • At 8:33 AM, Blogger nemo said…

    Interesting. I castle early or later depending on the opening I play. For example, with White, I typically castle early as it helps my attack against the Black king by bringing my Rook into the game(typically Kingside rook). When I'm playing Black against 1.e4, I typically castle late as I play the Sicilian and am too focused on my development and controlling certain squares(ie: d5). Against 1.d4 I castle early as it kind of gives me a tempo against my opponent who has to wait atleast another move to castle, giving me time to break the center.

    Perhaps I should pick up a copy of the book you are studying.

  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger takchess said…

    I would spend my energy on Ct-art for the most gain of power . You can always read this book later.


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