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Saturday, March 25, 2006

L20 update

Spending some time this weekend reacquainting myself with L20. About 9 months ago, was above 90% on the whole thing. They seem somewhat familar but I will need to repeat them a number of times before moving on to Level 30.

Also part of my training is volume 2 of Alburts Comprehensive Chess Course. I am currently on Chapter 5 (out of 12). These classes are the taken from the once secret Soviet Chess Curriculum. Alot of basic stuff but it's surprising how much basic stuff one needs to learn 8). I am able to study this as I train on the treadmill. The chapters are becoming increasing more advanced as I work through the book. Each chapter has a few minature games with some fun traps.

Weekend Level 20 update

110-130 91%
131-150 66% kind of ugly
151-170 83%
170-190 67%
190-210 76%
210-230 76%
230-250 50%


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