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Saturday, March 29, 2008

lesson learned ?! Game 4536 Takchess-Bokla Attack on KSCASTLE Dual Bishops fpawngone 3.29.08

I play a lot of 20+6 games on the Internet. As white, the games often ends up with me attacking a Kingside Castled position. I throw a lot of material at the position. The skilled player plays a reasonable defense and waits until my attack peters out and counterattacks taking advantage of my reduced material and my pieces now out of position.

I am hoping to develop into a player who attacks in situations where the position calls for it. Here are some examples of positions from a game I recently played. This game I lost . Hopefully some lessons will stay with me.

1) White to Move: What is the best move?

A) c4 black Qmoves followed by d5.

2) White to Move: Black Rooks threatens the Queen. Where is the Best Place for the Queen?

A Qf2 setting up the battery. all other moves are marginal. Notice that Blacks pieces will take time to defend Kingside and white is ready for a lightning attack.

3)White to Move: What is the Move here and Why?

A) Nf6 !! and white is up 3 pawns . Nf6 can't be kicked by the pawn due to Qh6. This queen has it sights on Qh7 supported by bishop and Qf7 supported by rook. (A missed tactic).

Prof Fritz says (19. Ng5 {might be the shorter path}Be8 (19... hxg5 $143 20. Qh5 Be8 21. Qh7+ Kf8 22. d5 $18) (19... hxg5 20. Qh5 {2}) 20. Bh7+ Kh8 21. Rxf7 Qxg5 22. Bxg5 Bxf7 $18) 19... Ba5 $4 {Black falls apart} (19... Be7 $142 $18)

Note to self play it in Fritz.

4) My Bxh6 was a mistake what does black play here to capitalize on it?

answer .....BXf3 (removal of the guard) then gxf3 if Rxf3 then Bxa1! Blacks bishop pair is strong as well !


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    no time for detailed examination or comment (home from work for lunch), but simply marvelous. your stuff continues to impress. warmly, dk

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    is that a chinese man?


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